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5 Creative ways to use your custom digital stickers on Instagram

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Why not use it as your profile picture?

Is it time for a refresh? One fun way to use your digital sticker is as a profile picture.
Use your digital sticker to spice up and personalize your Instagram profile picture. With Canva’s and Instagram’s plethora of stickers, you can easily dress up your pup in fun outfits. Just add a custom background and voila! You’ve got yourself a new Instagram profile picture. If you’re wondering how to do all of this, check out THIS step-by-step tutorial. 

Spice up those highlight covers

Have you been using the same generic highlight covers since you first opened your account? Maybe it’s time to update those too—digital stickers can help! So, just as you were able to customize your pet’s look and add a background, you can either use another styled look or just a background that speaks to you and your pet. Follow along in the step-by-step tutorial HERE. 

Make fun, engaging IG stories

Instagram story views down? Maybe more engaging stories are just what you need. Just dress your pet and place them with speech bubbles and text to get them to interact more personally with your audience in a new and fun way. You guessed it, we’ve got a tutorial for that too. Check it out HERE. 

Why not add some character to your carousels?

Carousel posts perform surprisingly well on the Instagram app. So how about for your next informational carousel, instead of just bland text, you have your dressed up pup delivering the message? Information doesn’t have to be boring, it can be so much more eye-catching when you have a cute pup sharing the info! Watch the tutorial HERE to find out how. 

Jazz up your messages!

Use them in replies! Change things up with your close IG friends and instead of your normal reply, just shoot them a witty comment coming from your pup! Have no clue how to do it? Watch the tutorial HERE.

Let's hear your ideas!

There are limitless ways you can use your custom digital stickers to spice up your gram, I could go all day here! But I’m really interested to see how you guys are using yours. Have you found a creative way to use yours that wasn’t listed here? Let us all in on the secret! Comment below what you’re using yours for!

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