Bringing Honey Home

October 14, 2019

The day we brought Honey home was so surreal. She was perfect—everything we hoped for! We actually had never held Honey or seen her face-to-face. The best we had gotten was a little video of her running around outside. We found her on Premier Pups’ website and fell in love with her sweet, sad eyes. 

She’s an F1b Cavapoo, meaning she is the first generation of puppies with one purebred Poodle parent and one F1 Cavapoo parent. Because she’s more poodle than Cavalier King Charles, she has the very obvious curly poodle hair and is incredibly athletic. She also has the long Cavalier King Charles ears too. 

Following Premier Pups’ every instruction given to us via email, we prepared the house for our little “Peanut” (what we originally going to name her) and started making the puppy purchases (you can go HERE to find the puppy essentials I bought for Honey). 

Because we made the decision to get a puppy fairly quickly, we also binge watched Zak George’s puppy training videos (you can find them HEREand printed out puppy schedules/training checklists

I grew up with a dog, but I never realized how much work it is to take care of one as a puppy and was a little overwhelmed with all of the (sometimes conflicting) information out there. 

The day to pick up our little puppy came and nothing can describe the emotions when we first met her. She was so little! 

I couldn’t believe how quickly she took to both my husband and I—running back and forth between the two of us and letting us pick her up and hold her.💕

Once we finally realized this puppy was ours and it was all real, we suddenly realized it was our responsibility to make sure every need of this little creature was met! Kind of a crazy realization! 

We made sure she got a lot of play time, and after realizing this little sweetheart was a “Honey,” and not a “Peanut,” we set to work with training—especially potty training! 😬

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