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How to Create Your Digital Stickers in Google Slides

Customizing your digital stickers of your pet will be a cinch after this tutorial!

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Ok, if you have a Gmail account or Google Drive you’re probably familiar with Google Slides. If not, it’s basically Google’s version of PowerPoint. So, you have digital slides that you’re able to design and use as a presentation.

Rather than a presentation, though, we’re going to use Google Slides to layer images on top of each other and export ONE final image with a transparent background (so you can use it like a sticker).

The first thing you want to do is make sure you have all the images you want to use downloaded to the device you’re working on. If you can download them to your Google Drive it will make the whole process even easier.

Google drive folder of images

Now you can open a new file in Google Slides by either clicking the plus sign in the top left corner of Google Drive and selecting “Google Slides,” or going to https://docs.google.com/presentation .

You can either create from a template or start with a blank presentation.

For our purposes, a blank presentation works best.

Remember those images you saved (including the custom digital of your pet and any accessories you’d like to decorate them with)? We’re now going to add the ones you plan on using.

Click on the “image tool” and select either “upload from computer” or “Drive,” depending on where you saved your images.

Start first with your custom digital of just your pet. Then you can continue to insert the accessories you’d like them to wear.

Remember you can adjust the size and rotation of any image/object by moving around the blue dots in the corners and top of the image.

tutorial showing how to insert images into Google Slides presentation from Google Drive

Once you’re happy with the placement of each of your images, just click on “background” and set the color to “transparent.” This allows your image to be a sticker when exported.

click on background to set the background to transparent

Now you’ll need to be on the desktop version of Google Slides for this last step, which is why I recommend going ahead and batching a bunch of designs of your pet all at once while you’re on the go, and then just saving this last step for when you can actually be in front of a computer.

Just open up your Google Slides file, click “file,” then “download,” and then “PNG image.”

This will download whatever slides you have selected to your computer as a PNG image, meaning an image with a transparent background.

Feel free to email yourself these images if you’d like to access and use them on your mobile apps like Instagram, text messages, etc.

how to download your Google Slide as a transparent PNG

I hope this helped! Let me know what other questions you have in the comments below.

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